Palm Springs [PSP]

by kelly on November 10, 2010

Another submission from Robert:

“Outside of terminal — go outside of terminal, make a right, and mailbox is located there.”

This is another one not marked on the map at their site, so this information is very helpful. Meanwhile, Palm Springs looks lovely. Let’s go!

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Austin [AUS]

by kelly on November 9, 2010

Yet another submission from prolific traveler, mailer, and Airport Mailboxes contributor, Robert:

“Pre-security ticketing, second level, in between American Airlines and Southwest Airlines ticket counters.”

Possibly helpful to know if you go there: they call that level the “Concourse level” on the the Austin airport site.

Here’s a map:

(There’s a big ol’ full-color PDF of this map right here at the airport site.)

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Saint Louis [STL]

by kelly on November 8, 2010

Submitted by our biggest airport mailbox contributor to date, Robert:

“Lower level terminal 1 between doors 17 and 18. This is an actual Post Office, whose hours are Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm. Closed Sat/Sun. Outside of security bag claim area.”

Here’s a map:
stl airport mailbox

(Found on the STL site here.)

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by kelly on November 7, 2010

Welcome to all Letter Writers Alliance members, as well as anyone else who has stumbled across this site in your travels! I haven’t posted in a couple of months, but it’s not for lack of material. This is just one small pile of what I’ve got to post here:

Thank you, especially, to some of my biggest contributors who have filled both my email inbox and my PO Box with submissions! I’m not ignoring you — life just got a little busier than expected around here.

I plan to start in on the backlog this week, so keep your eyes on this space and you’ll see the airport mailboxes rolling in around here.

In the meantime, feel free to submit an airport mailbox. I’ll get it up, sooner or later. Thanks!

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Richmond [RIC]

by kelly on August 20, 2010

Another submission from faithful reader, Robert. This one is super helpful, as I cannot find the mailbox anywhere on the map on their site and it looks like it’s in an unusual location. Robert reports:

“Outside of terminal in front of parking garage outside of main entrance of terminal on first floor — go outside of terminal on the first floor, cross the street, and mailbox is in front of parking garage.”

So there you have it — be sure to mail in Richmond before entering the airport itself!

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Baltimore Washington [BWI]

by kelly on August 18, 2010

This is another submission from a reader that I don’t actually know in person — yay! (As opposed to my best friend or husband, both of whom I have pressed into service…)

This one is from Sandra, who writes:
“There are three mailboxes. One outside of Concourse C security. One behind the Continental Airlines ticket counter, and one outside of Concourse E security.”

I went poking around the BWI website and did, in fact, find a map depicting these locations. Unfortunately, it’s not at all easy to read. Sooo… I made one just for us, showing the mailbox locations:

According to that map at their site, UPS and FedEx are also located right near the center USPS mailbox, so you can take your pick of carriers.

Thanks, Sandra, for the information!

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Washington Reagan National [DCA]

by kelly on August 17, 2010

Yay! This week, I got some submissions from folks I don’t actually know in person — wow! First one up is from Robert, who sent me several that I’ll be adding this week.

Robert writes:
“There are two mailboxes on the Concourse level two in Terminals B and C across from the information counters. One mailbox in Terminal A, outside of security. There is a map on the Washington National website showing mailboxes.”

Looking at the DCA site, I found this map. It’s a little hard to read, so I made a simplified version showing just the mailboxes:

Thanks, Robert!

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Denver [DEN]

by kelly on July 25, 2010

Yay! Our first reader submission! This one is from Jennifer (AKA my best friend — thanks, Jenny!):

There’s a full service post office on the main terminal on the upper level. Probably only useful if you are starting or ending your trip in Denver, because you certainly wouldn’t want exit the concourse and go back through security.

Hilariously, I was there on a Monday mid-day and couldn’t figure out why the post office was closed. You can see why in this photo:

On the actual concourse there is a well marked drop box. I was on terminal A, but I bet it’s the same for all of them.

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Philadelphia [PHL]

by kelly on July 5, 2010

I haven’t been doing much traveling myself lately, so I’m relying on my friend Google to find airport mailboxes for me. Here’s what my good buddy turned up today at the Philadelphia Airport site:

Mailboxes are located in Terminal A-West near Gate A-17, in Terminal A-East near Gate A-1, on the Terminal C/D walkway near Terminal D, and in Terminal F near Gate F-10.

Parcel drop boxes are located in Terminal A-E at near Gate A-1, in The UPS Store on the Terminal A-East/B walkway near Terminal B, and on the Terminal C/D walkway near Terminal D.

The UPS Store is a full-service postal facility.

UPS Store, eh? That’s the first one I’ve seen of those (of course, I’ve only got 6 airports under my belt so far — perhaps they’re at all of the airports and I just don’t know it yet.)

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Atlanta [ATL]

by kelly on June 13, 2010

According to the Atlanta Airport* website, there is actually a US Post Office in the airport. Holy wow!

US Post Office

Hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. – Monday through Saturday.
Noon through 8 p.m. – Sunday.

Location: Southwest area of the Atrium, across from the Delta baggage claim area.

I googled it to find out if this is indeed true and I found the site, which touts itself as “The World’s Best Guide to Airports.” I cannot confirm or deny that claim (mostly because I haven’t really looked for any others…) but this seems to be an incredibly useful site for travelers who are interested in more than just “Where is the mailbox at this airport?” (Which seems to be my only real concern.)

From the iFly entry on ATL, I got the following scoop:

Mail Center/US Post Office at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport

U.S. Postal Store is a full-service post office with services including passport applications, photos and processing.
Location: Atrium – Gate SW; Tel: 404-305-0283

U.S. Post Office letter drop and self-service stamp vending are located at:
Concourse B – Gate 17
Concourse C – Gate 17
Concourse D – Gate Centerpoint

Nifty! Full service! Of course, here’s hopin’ you’re not trying to get your passport for the flight you’re about to embark upon.

I have a feeling iFly is going to be verrry helpful as I sniff out mailbox locations in airports. Of course, it does not include photos of the mailboxes and I think we really need those. Don’t you agree?

*Excuse me, the “Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport,” which does not at all gracefully shorten to “HJAIA.” They put this little abbreviation at the top of all of their web pages and left me wondering “What the heck?” for awhile before I put it together. Weirdness.

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